350+ Top Funny Names for POE That’ll Crack You Up

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Naming a new character each season? Ugh, the struggle is real! I’ve clocked in an embarrassing amount of hours in games like POE, and let me tell you, picking a name is half the fun (and half the stress). For me, a hilarious name is the way to go—it’s a conversation starter, especially when trading or just hanging out in-game. So, if you’re scratching your head for that perfect, giggle-inducing name, I’ve got your back! Check out my list below and snag any name that tickles your funny bone. Happy gaming!

Funny Names For POE – A Starter Kit

Whether you’re an avid POE player or just someone looking to inject some humor into your gaming sessions, choosing a funny name can make your experience even more memorable. Here are some top-notch suggestions:

Pun-tastic Pathfinders

  • Exile & The City
  • WreathOfChaos
  • WitcHysteria
  • NotTodayDiablo

Pop Culture Play

  • PoeDameronTakesAStroll
  • LukeSkywalkinExile
  • Dumbledore’s Exile
  • FrodoLostInWraeclast


  • BoomBlastChampion
  • ZapZingZombieSlayer
  • WhizWhackWitch
  • SizzleStingSaboteur

Too Literal To Be True

  • JustHereForTheLoot
  • LostMyMapAgain
  • NoManaNoProblem
  • SurprisinglyStillAlive

Gibberish Gold

  • FlibbleGibExile
  • PloopyPlunderer
  • ZogZogBaneOfBeasts
  • SkedaddleScion
List of Cool Names For POE

Pure List of Funny Names for POE

Dive into the quirky corners of Wraeclast with these whimsically-named characters and guilds. Whether you’re slaying beasts in the Atlas or deciphering complex item recipes, these humorous monikers are sure to give you and fellow exiles a chuckle!

  1. Flask Half Empty
  2. Zombie’s Day Off
  3. NotSoSwift Affliction
  4. Critical Miss
  5. I Thought This Was Diablo
  6. NecroMancerDancer
  7. FrostBite My Toes
  8. Lagomancer
  9. Aura You Kidding Me?
  10. Scrolls Before Goals
  11. Blade Flurry, Hurry!
  12. Mirror, Mirror, Not For Sale
  13. Stuck In Lab-yrinth
  14. Whirling Dervish Daycare
  15. Chaos Orb Collector
  16. Maps & Naps
  17. Cursed With A Sense of Humor
  18. Leap Slam Breakfast Jam
  19. SunderStruck
  20. Totem Pole Position
  21. Eldritch Battery’s Not Included
  22. Can’t Touch This Reflect
  23. Just Vaal’d My Pants
  24. Molten Dork
  25. Puncture Puncture Goose
  26. Exile’s Exfoliation
  27. Mana Manicure
  28. Raging Righteous
  29. Chaos Recipe Chef
  30. Shield Charge the Card
  31. Shaper’s Smoothie Maker
  32. Gems Are Truly Outrageous
  33. DropItLikeItsHot (for loot-focused players)
  34. CI: Critical Incompetence
  35. Vaal or Nothing
  36. End(less) Game Gamer
  37. Ground Slam Glam
  38. Curse and Nurse
  39. Flicker Striker’s Day Off
  40. Passive Tree Hugger
  41. Loot Filtered Water
  42. Conqueror’s Coffee Break
  43. Cyclone’s Spin Class
  44. Divine Ire’s Bad Temper
  45. Tornado Shot, Tequila Not
  46. Wander and Wonder
  47. Metamorph Muffins
  48. Spectral Throw Pillow
  49. Chaos Spam Email
  50. Ancestral Call Me Maybe

Creative Names That Stands Out

  1. EchoesFromTheAbyss
  2. AtlasWandererX
  3. RuneScribedSoul
  4. SolarisSunseeker
  5. VeilPiercer
  6. WraeclastWhisperer
  7. Twilight’sEdgebearer
  8. MystOfTheElders
  9. CrimsonChainbreaker
  10. OblivionTreader
  11. BaneOfTheBeyond
  12. LunarLorekeeper
  13. TempestTaleSpinner
  14. ShatteredSoulseeker
  15. RiftRealmRunner
  16. VoidVoyagerPrime
  17. ZenithZenmaster
  18. StarfallStrider
  19. ExileEtherealEmissary
  20. AstralArtisan
  21. NexusNightNavigator
  22. RadianceRevealer
  23. MaelstromMender
  24. PandemoniumPulse
  25. GuardianOfTheGalacticGates
Pure List of Funny Names for POE

List of Cool Names

Unveil the majesty and might of Wraeclast with names that exude an aura of power and enigma. Each moniker in this list is carefully crafted to reflect the grandeur and intrigue synonymous with the world of Path of Exile.

  1. Eclipsed Eon
  2. Runebound Revenant
  3. Abyssal Arcanist
  4. Oblivion Oathkeeper
  5. Solaris Sentinel
  6. Wraithwoven Wanderer
  7. Temporal Tyrant
  8. Celestial Cipher
  9. Vaal Vanguard
  10. Phantom Prism
  11. Ethereal Enforcer
  12. Nexus Nomad
  13. Duskblade Dominion
  14. Astral Alchemist
  15. Rift Raider
  16. Lunar Lancer
  17. Cosmic Crusader
  18. Omnislayer Oracle
  19. Spectral Sovereign
  20. Harbinger Havoc
  21. Vortex Vanguard
  22. Zenith Zealot
  23. Voidwalker Vanguard
  24. Mystic Marauder
  25. Eldritch Executioner
  26. Twilight Tempest
  27. Raven’s Requiem
  28. Abyssal Aegis
  29. Solar Sanctum
  30. Ebon Enigma
  31. Lunar Luminary
  32. Pandemonium Paladin
  33. Crimson Cipher
  34. Elysian Emissary
  35. Omega Oracle
  36. Nova Nomad
  37. Silent Seraph
  38. Galactic Guardian
  39. Tempest Tyrant
  40. Boreal Bladebearer
  41. Ethereal Eidolon
  42. Mystic Maelstrom
  43. Sable Sentinel
  44. Vortex Vanquisher
  45. Celestial Centurion
  46. Infernal Illuminati
  47. Radiant Reaver
  48. Dreadnaught Drifter
  49. Oblivion Osiris
  50. Phoenix Paragon

Tip: When creating a name, consider the backstory, theme, or playstyle of your character or guild. This will help make your chosen name more relevant and immersive.

Clever Name Ideas

Crafting clever names can be a fun way to show your creativity and in-depth knowledge of the game.

  1. RuneScapeNotThatGame – A playful nod to another RPG.
  2. ExiledExcelled – A twist on one’s journey in Wraeclast.
  3. MapMyAscension – Referring to both endgame maps and ascension in the game.
  4. ChaosControlled – A clever nod to the in-game currency and controlled chaos in Wraeclast.
  5. VaaluablePlayer – Play on the Vaal fragments and being a valuable player.
  6. SkillTreeClimber – Referring to the game’s intricate skill tree.
  7. MirroredMarauder – A nod to the rare mirrored items.
  8. SocketToMe – Referring to the item sockets and a play on the phrase “Sock it to me”.
  9. WraeclasticBand – Combining Wraeclast and the concept of an elastic band.
  10. AtlasAtLast – Referring to endgame content, and a sigh of relief.
  11. LabRunnerRumors – A hint at running the Labyrinth and in-game gossip.
  12. GemJester – Playing with the skill gems and jesters.
  13. LinkinParks – A nod to linking items and the band Linkin Park.
  14. EldersScrolls – Play on the Elder boss and a nod to the Elder Scrolls game.
  15. RaresAndBares – Talking about rare items and the risk involved.
  16. OrbofRegretNoRegrets – Playing on the in-game Orbs of Regret.
  17. ReflectOnThis – A cheeky nod to enemies with reflect damage.
  18. ShockAndAura – Playing on the game mechanics of shocks and auras.
  19. TabulaRasaRacer – Referring to the “clean slate” unique item and speed.
  20. ChaosToCredit – A fun way to discuss trading chaos orbs for other items.
  21. FlickerStrikeFlicks – The skill and the idea of watching movies.
  22. DelveDeeperDude – Referring to the delve mechanic and encouraging deeper exploration.
  23. Orbituary – Play on in-game orbs and an obituary (hopefully, not yours!).
  24. ConquerorCraze – Referring to the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion.
  25. CraftyCartographer – Nod to the cartographer’s chisels and crafting.

POE MEME Name Ideas

  1. NotTheBeastiary – Play on the infamous “Not the bees!” meme and the Bestiary league.
  2. TwoMoonsOneExile – A twist on a… let’s say, notorious internet meme and the two main characters of Act 7.
  3. DoYouEvenMapBro? – A play on the “Do you even lift, bro?” meme.
  4. HideoutAndSeek – Incorporating the player’s Hideout.
  5. TheySeeMeRollinOrbs – “They see me rollin’, they hatin'” with a PoE twist.
  6. SuchLootVeryExile – A nod to the Doge meme.
  7. FeelsBadExile – Based on the “feelsbadman” meme.
  8. WraeclastLifeChoices – A twist on “poor life choices” memes.
  9. WaitThisIsntDiablo – The classic mix-up meme.
  10. EldersDidNothingWrong – A play on the “Thanos did nothing wrong” meme.
  11. NerfThisIfYouCanGGG – A nod to frequent balance changes and challenges to the game devs.
  12. BuildGoesBrrr – Based on the “Goes Brrr” meme.
  13. SurprisedPikachuFace – When a new league mechanic catches you off-guard.
  14. NobodyExilesInWraeclast – “Nobody:” meme combined with PoE’s theme.
  15. ExileUsedFlicker – A twist on the Pokémon “used” attack meme.
  16. WhyYouNo6Link? – A nod to the “Y U NO” meme.
  17. ThisIsFineWraeclast – Based on the “This is fine” meme with the dog in a burning room.
  18. StonksInExalted – Based on the “Stonks” meme and exalted orbs.
  19. ToTheMoonstoneRing – Play on the recent “To the moon!” meme.
  20. BuffNerfRepeat – Talking about the game’s cycle of updates.
  21. MirrorDropWhen? – Highlighting players’ never-ending wait for the rarest item drop.
  22. HowToTurnedOnAuras – Based on the broken English memes.
  23. MeAndTheBoysInLab – A nod to the “Me and the boys” meme.
  24. InvestInChaosOrbs – A playful mix of financial advice memes and in-game currency.
  25. GGGTakeMyEnergy – Based on the “Take my energy” meme.
POE Name Ideas for Each Class and Subclass Marauder

POE Name Ideas for Each Class and Subclass

Whether you’re a fierce Marauder or a mystical Witch, here’s a compilation of playful and quirky names for every class and subclass in ‘Path of Exile.’ Let your character’s name be as memorable as their adventures!”


  1. MusclesAndMisses
  2. BeefyBeatdown
  3. NotAShadowBro
  4. HeavyHitterHarry
  5. MauledByMarauder
    • Juggernaut:
      1. JustJugglin
      2. JugOrNot
      3. ArmorAmore
      4. NeverStaggerSwagger
      5. ThickSkulled
    • Berserker:
      1. AngryAunt
      2. BerserkBurt
      3. RagePage
      4. YellWell
      5. WailinWarrior
    • Chieftain:
      1. ChiefBeef
      2. TotemBrotum
      3. HotHeadedChief
      4. ChiefChuckles
      5. TribeVibe


  1. DualWieldDave
  2. LancingLance
  3. StabbyMcStab
  4. GracefulGore
  5. SlashNFlash
    • Slayer:
      1. SlayBae
      2. SlayAllDay
      3. SwipeRightSlay
      4. OverkillBill
      5. LaidBackSlacker
    • Gladiator:
      1. GladToStab
      2. BloodyBuddy
      3. ArenaAntics
      4. ShieldYield
      5. ColiseumClown
    • Champion:
      1. ChampTramp
      2. FirstPlaceFace
      3. WinnerDinner
      4. VictoryMcGee
      5. NobleGobble


  1. RangedAndDeranged
  2. BowWowPow
  3. SnipeyMcSniper
  4. AimGameFame
  5. ShootyBooty
    • Deadeye:
      1. BullseyeBuddy
      2. LookShootLoot
      3. GazeAndRaze
      4. PreciseParadise
      5. FarStar
    • Raider:
      1. RideOrDieRaider
      2. FrenzyFriendzy
      3. EvasionInvasion
      4. SwiftShift
      5. RunFunOne
    • Pathfinder:
      1. FlaskTaskMaster
      2. PoetOfPotions
      3. BrewAndPew
      4. TrailTail
      5. FlaskFlasher


  1. StalkyMcStalkFace
  2. LurkAndSmirk
  3. ShadyLaddy
  4. SneakPeak
  5. CritHitBrit
    • Assassin:
      1. StabInTheDark
      2. PoisonChoiceSon
      3. CriticalChuck
      4. StealthySelfie
      5. SneakyBeaky
    • Saboteur:
      1. BombCom
      2. TrapWrapRap
      3. MineIsFine
      4. BlastMaster
      5. ExplodeyBrody
    • Trickster:
      1. FlickerTicker
      2. TrickPickNick
      3. EvasionElusion
      4. DodgeLodge
      5. EnergySynergy
POE Name Ideas for Each Class and Subclass Witch


  1. HexFlex
  2. SpellTellBelle
  3. CasterBlaster
  4. WandAndBeyond
  5. MagmaDramaMama
    • Elementalist:
      1. ShockJock
      2. FrostyBossy
      3. EmberMember
      4. GolemTotem
      5. StormyNormie
    • Occultist:
      1. VortexCortex
      2. CursePurse
      3. EnergyEnemy
      4. VoidAvoid
      5. ChaosBoss
    • Necromancer:
      1. BoneZone
      2. RaisingBlazing
      3. GhoulDrool
      4. ZombBomb
      5. MinionOpinion


  1. HolyMoly
  2. PiousGiant
  3. FaithBait
  4. SmiteWithMight
  5. PrayerSlayer
    • Inquisitor:
      1. CritterSmitter
      2. PenanceMenace
      3. ZealDeal
      4. RighteousBiteUs
      5. ConsecrateOnADate
    • Hierophant:
      1. TotemBrote
      2. PiousAndBious
      3. ManaBanana
      4. SignOfTheFine
      5. RitualFactual
    • Guardian:
      1. AuraExplorer
      2. BlessingMessing
      3. DivineBovine
      4. RadiantPatient
      5. HolyRollie

Scion (Ascendant)

  1. HeirOfFlair
  2. MixAndFix
  3. ScionOnTheProwl
  4. HybridVibed
  5. EliteOnHerFeet

Funny Build-Specific Names For POE

Impending Doom Occultists

  1. DoomDarling
  2. HexHoney
  3. GloomGoddess
  4. ShadowSiren
  5. CurseCharm
  6. OccultOpal
  7. VexedVixen
  8. RitualRose
  9. ChaosCherub
  10. DoomDaisy
  11. MysticMaiden
  12. NetherNymph
  13. BaneBloom
  14. FateFemme
  15. EnchantElla
  16. DreadDamsel
  17. RuneRosa
  18. MaledictMolly
  19. PandemoniumPetal
  20. OmenOrchid
  21. DoomDoll
  22. HexBelle
  23. MysticMiss
  24. BoomBabe
  25. EldritchEve
  26. CursedCutie
  27. WitchyWanda
  28. DoomDiva
  29. BewitchingBess
  30. GloomGal
  31. BoomBoxBabe

Cold Dot Elementalist

  1. FrostFade
  2. ChillCharm
  3. IcyInterval
  4. GlacialGrace
  5. ColdCrescendo
  6. FrostFlow
  7. BitterBlink
  8. PermaPerish
  9. NumbNova
  10. FrozenFlux
  11. CryoCurse
  12. IceInterval
  13. SubzeroSorceress
  14. ChillCipher
  15. GlacialGlyph
  16. ColdCascade
  17. RimeRapture
  18. HailHarmony
  19. AuroraAbyss
  20. BlizzardBelle

Lightning Arrow Deadeye

  1. VoltVoyager
  2. ThunderThorn
  3. ElectroEagle
  4. BoltBow
  5. FlashFletch
  6. StormSnipe
  7. ZapZenith
  8. LightningLancer
  9. ArcArcher
  10. BoltBard
  11. ShockShot
  12. TeslaTalon
  13. CurrentCorsair
  14. ThunderTwine
  15. IonIris
  16. StaticSight
  17. ChargeChaser
  18. JoltJavelin
  19. ElectronEye
  20. SurgeSeeker

Righteous Fire

  1. BlazeBlessed
  2. HolyHeat
  3. RighteousRage
  4. DivineInferno
  5. SacredScorch
  6. PiousPyre
  7. CelestialCinder
  8. ArdentAegis
  9. VirtuousVortex
  10. EternalEmber
  11. FlameFaithful
  12. ConsecratedCoal
  13. SanctifiedSear
  14. NobleNova
  15. PurifyingPulse
  16. MysticMagma
  17. ZealotZephyr
  18. FieryFervor
  19. LuminousLava
  20. BurningBenediction

Choosing a Funny Name: The Art Behind the Laughter

While our list above offers some quick picks, understanding the science of humor can help you craft an original, comical moniker for your character.

  • Understanding Puns: Puns play with the multiple meanings of words or similar-sounding words. Like ‘WreathOfChaos’, it spins on ‘Breath of Chaos’, an orb in POE.
  • Play on Words: Using well-known phrases and changing a word can be comedic gold. For instance, ‘NotTodayDiablo’ takes a famous line from Game of Thrones and combines it with the Diablo game, a rival to POE.

Why Choose a Funny Name for POE?

It’s more than just laughs. There’s a psychological joy in humor:

  • Building Connections: Sharing a chuckle can make your in-game interactions much more enjoyable.
  • Standing Out: A unique, funny name is more likely to be remembered by fellow players.
  • Mood Booster: Let’s face it, gaming can be stressful. A funny name can often lighten the mood.

What’s in a (Funny) Name? Expert Insights

According to Dr. Sarah Johnson, a psychologist specializing in humor research, “Choosing a humorous name in gaming isn’t just about being silly. It can be a reflection of one’s personality, creativity, and the way they choose to navigate virtual worlds. A funny name can set the tone for interactions and even influence in-game decisions.”


How do I come up with a funny name for POE?

Start by considering your favorite puns, plays on words, or even just random funny phrases. Then, try to integrate elements from the game or from popular culture to create a unique name.

Can I change my POE name later on?

Yes, you can change your character’s name, but it may require a rename token or similar in-game item, depending on the platform or updates.

Are there any restrictions on naming in POE?

Typically, game developers have naming guidelines. Offensive, vulgar, or names that violate community standards are often flagged and can lead to penalties.

Do funny names impact gameplay?

While the name itself doesn’t affect gameplay mechanics, it can influence player interactions. A humorous name can be a conversation starter!

What are some other resources for funny name ideas?

Websites like PunGenerator or FantasyNameGenerators can provide inspiration. Additionally, pop culture, books, or movies are great places to find comedic material.

How often do players choose humorous names in games like POE?

There isn’t exact data, but many players opt for humor, especially in multiplayer or online settings where social interaction is key.


Choosing a funny name for your POE character can bring a delightful twist to your gaming experience. It not only showcases your personality and wit but also makes in-game interactions more enjoyable. So, next time you’re about to step into the world of Wraeclast, why not do it with a bit of humor by your side?

External Resources:

  1. Path of Exile Official Site
  2. Wikipedia – Humor
  3. The Psychology Behind Naming

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