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Hey There, It’s Morten!

Yo! I’m Morten, your go-to geek for all things tech, electronics, and, most importantly, gaming. I’ve spent a ton of time (maybe too much?) diving into games and hunting for the quirkiest names for them. Thanks to my past life in digital design and multimedia, I’ve got this cool blend of creativity and tech know-how.

Right now, I’m rocking it as a Product Manager at this dope software company. I get to mess around with everything – from the techy bits of software to hyping it up with some marketing magic. Plus, it keeps me in the loop with the latest and greatest in the tech world.

When I’m not working or gaming, you’ll find me binge-watching tech, science, and gaming YouTubers. They’ve been my unofficial tutors, teaching me about the wild worlds of IoT, smart home gear, and, of course, more gaming. So, I thought, why not share the love? That’s when “nameforge.gg” was born. It’s where I drop all my tips, tricks, and random thoughts on things like how to boss your robot vacuum and brainstorming rad game names.

If you’re looking for someone with deep-dive knowledge in tech and a mad love for gaming to help you find funky names for games or projects, look no further. I got you!

My Gaming Setup
My Gaming Setup

Gamer Mode: ON!

I’ve been on the gaming grind for over 20 years. From retro joys to the latest beasts in tech, I’ve played, loved, and sometimes rage-quit them all. Gaming isn’t just a hobby; it’s my jam! And, it’s not just about leveling up. I’ve also teamed up with gaming brands, content creators, and fellow gamers, sharing tips and tricks to amp up their game.

Whether you’re a newbie looking for game recommendations or a fellow old-timer reminiscing about 8-bit days, I’m all ears and here to chat!

The Name Game

Coming up with cool brand names? That’s been my side quest. I’ve leveled up big time in brainstorming names that aren’t just cool to hear but also pack a punch in the gaming world.

It’s not just about picking names that sound epic. It’s about feeling the vibe of the game, its characters, its stories, and making sure the name does it justice. And trust me, with my years of gaming and a bit of marketing magic from my day job, I’ve got this unique view on what names will get gamers hyped.

So, if you’re hunting for that perfect gamertag, or just need a wicked name for your next project, slide into my ‘Name Ideas‘ corner. Let’s brainstorm together! 🎮🕹️

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