200+ Hilarious City Names for Cities Skylines 2

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Welcome to the whimsical world of Cities Skylines 2, where the art of city-building meets creativity and humor. Selecting a name for your virtual city isn’t just a formality; it’s an opportunity to inject personality, humor, and a unique identity into your urban masterpiece. This guide dives into the world of funny and imaginative city names, offering you a treasure trove of ideas to enhance your gaming experience.

Top 10 Hilarious City Names for Your Next Game

  1. Anarchy Acres 🚨 – Where city planning is more like a suggestion.
  2. Glitchville 💻 – Beware of randomly disappearing buildings.
  3. Traffic Jamtopia 🚗 – Where rush hour is 24/7.
  4. Crater Cove 💥 – Hopefully, that’s just a name… right?
  5. Floodplain Fiasco 🌊 – Bring your own boat!
  6. Taxhaven Heights 💸 – The billionaires’ playground.
  7. Zombie Zoning 🧟 – For a ‘lively’ community.
  8. Pollution Paradise ☣️ – Breathe at your own risk.
  9. Chaos Corners 🌀 – Order is overrated anyway.
  10. Mega Mall Metropolis 🛍️ – Because who needs parks when you have parking lots?

Why Choose Funny Names in Cities Skylines 2?

In Cities Skylines 2, a funny city name isn’t just a laugh; it’s a statement of creativity and engagement. Humorous names add a layer of enjoyment and can make your city memorable among the community. Whether it’s a pun, a cultural reference, or just a play on words, a well-chosen funny name sets the tone for a fun and immersive gameplay experience.

Crafting the Perfect Funny Name: Tips and Tricks

Creating a funny city name is an art. The key is originality and relevance. Think about your city’s characteristics, its landmarks, or what you aspire it to be. Play with words, experiment with puns, and don’t shy away from being bold. Remember, the name should be catchy, easy to remember, and, most importantly, bring a smile to your face.

Cities Skyline 2: Complete List of Funny City Names Ideas

  1. Loophole Landing
  2. Gamble Grove
  3. Blackout Burg
  4. Mayhem Meadows
  5. Glitch Gulch
  6. Gridlock Grove
  7. Quirk Quarters
  8. Bizarre Bayside
  9. Havoc Harbor
  10. Disarray Dunes
  11. Pandemonium Point
  12. Chaos City
  13. Anomaly Alley
  14. Bewilderment Bay
  15. Cacophony Cove
  16. Dystopia Drive
  17. Entropy Estates
  18. Fiasco Fields
  19. Gaffe Gardens
  20. Haphazard Hills
  21. Irony Island
  22. Jinx Junction
  23. Klutz Knoll
  24. Limbo Lakes
  25. Mishap Mountain
  26. Nonsense Nook
  27. Oxymoron Oasis
  28. Paradox Plaza
  29. Quirky Quay
  30. Ruckus Ridge
  31. Silly Springs
  32. Topsy Turvy Town
  33. Unplanned Uptown
  34. Vortex Village
  35. Wacky Woods
  36. Xenon Xanadu
  37. Yonder Yards
  38. Zany Zenith
  39. Absurdia Avenue
  40. Boggleburg
  41. Clutter Cliff
  42. Derp Dale
  43. Eccentricity End
  44. Fluke Fort
  45. Goofy Gap
  46. Helter Skelter Hamlet
  47. Improv Isle
  48. Jumble Junction
  49. Kooky Knolls
  50. Loony Landing

The Art of Puns: Pun-tastic City Names

Puns offer a clever way to add humor to your city names:

  • AlleyOops: For a city with quirky streets.
  • RiverRunsThroughItNot: Ideal for a landlocked city.
  • BridgesOverTroubledWaters: A nod to cities with many bridges.
  • MistOpportunity: Ideal for a city often shrouded in fog.
  • BeachPlease: A coastal city with a sense of humor.
  • CircuitCity: Perfect for a tech-focused urban area.

Around the World in Funny Names: Global Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from global cities can result in names like:

  • New Yolk City: A playful take on New York City, perfect for an urban hub.
  • San FranDisco: For a city that loves music and nightlife.
  • Toky-Oh-No: A humorous twist for a bustling metropolis.
  • RomeAround: A city known for its explorative spirit.
  • BerlInnOut: For a city with a vibrant nightlife.
  • CaiRolling: A bustling city with a playful twist on Cairo.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Inspired Names for Your Metropolis

Embrace the extraordinary with names like:

  • StarTopia: A futuristic city among the stars.
  • DragonHaven: For a city with a mythical charm.
  • GoblinGrove: A nod to fantasy enthusiasts.
  • Peak-a-Boo: A city nestled in mountain peaks.
  • WhirlpoolWharf: Ideal for a city by swirling waters.
  • BoulderDash: A city known for its rocky landscapes.

Nature and Geography: Playing with Environmental Names

Nature-inspired names can be both beautiful and funny:

  • RockyRoad: Ideal for a mountainous city.
  • SunnySideUp: Perfect for a city with a warm climate.
  • BreezyBluff: A coastal city name with a whimsical twist.
  • Peak-a-Boo: A city nestled in mountain peaks.
  • WhirlpoolWharf: Ideal for a city by swirling waters.
  • BoulderDash: A city known for its rocky landscapes.

Historical and Cultural References in City Naming

Incorporate a touch of history or culture:

  • KnightsBridge: For a city with a medieval theme.
  • ElvisPresLanding: A city with a musical legacy.
  • PyramidScheme: Perfect for a city with grand architectural designs.
  • SphinxSprings: For a city with mysterious allure.
  • TudorTown: A city reminiscent of historical elegance.
  • VikingVillage: Ideal for a city with a strong, adventurous spirit.

Pop Culture References: From Movies to Memes

Tap into the world of movies, TV shows, and memes:

  • SherlockHomes: For a city with a detective theme.
  • GameOfHomes: Ideal for fans of epic tales and sprawling cities.
  • Memeopolis: A city that resonates with internet culture.
  • FrodoFlats: A city named after a beloved literary character.
  • VaderVale: Perfect for fans of iconic sci-fi movies.
  • HogwartsHaven: A magical city name for fantasy lovers.

Wordplay Wonders: Cleverly Constructed City Names

Get creative with language:

  • Metropolisp: A city that’s always on the tip of the tongue.
  • Bazaarville: For a city known for its markets and unique finds.
  • Harborage: A safe haven and a busy port.
  • BaysicCity: A simple yet charming coastal city name.
  • Coastellation: A starry name for a seaside city.
  • SunnySideCity: A city known for its perpetual sunshine.

Animal Kingdom: Whimsical Wildlife-Inspired Names

Incorporate fauna into your city names:

  • LionLanding: For a city that’s as majestic as the king of the jungle.
  • OtterTown: Perfect for a city near the water.
  • EagleEyeCity: For a city known for its vision and ambition.
  • PandaPark: A city with a cute and cuddly feel.
  • GiraffeGrove: Ideal for a city with towering structures.
  • DolphinDock: A city celebrated for its marine life.

Food for Thought: Deliciously Funny City Names

  • PastaPoint: A city known for its culinary delights.
  • BurgerBurg: Ideal for a fast-paced, vibrant city.
  • TacoTropolis: A name that promises a spicy, fun atmosphere.
  • SpaghettiSprings: For a city famous for its culinary delights.
  • Pickleburg: A quirky name for a city with unique characteristics.
  • OmeletteOasis: Perfect for a city known for its breakfast spots.

Tech and Innovation: Futuristic City Naming Ideas

Embrace the future with names like:

  • SiliconCity: Perfect for a tech hub.
  • GadgetGrove: A city known for innovation.
  • ByteTown: For a city at the forefront of digital advancement.
  • RoboRidge: A city at the forefront of robotics.
  • NanoNook: Ideal for a city known for nanotechnology.
  • CyberCity: A name that reflects digital advancement.

Sports and Recreation: Game-Inspired Naming Fun

  • SprintCity: For a city that’s always on the move.
  • GoalGetters: Perfect for a city with a competitive spirit.
  • RacketRange: A name that serves up some fun.
  • MarathonMeadows: For a city that values fitness and endurance.
  • PuckPlace: Ideal for a city with a passion for ice sports.
  • RacerRow: A city known for its love of speed and racing.

Myths and Legends: Mythical Names for Your City

Dive into mythology:

  • OlympusOutskirts: For a city with a godly presence.
  • MerlinMeadows: A magical and enchanting city name.
  • NessieNook: For a city shrouded in mystery.
  • AtlantisAvenue: A city name inspired by legendary tales.
  • PhoenixPark: For a city that symbolizes rebirth and renewal.
  • UnicornUtopia: A city that represents magic and wonder.

Word Jumbles and Anagrams: Creative Name Twists

  • NapTown (an anagram of Pantown): A laid-back city.
  • CarStar (an anagram of Tracars): Perfect for a city known for its vehicles.
  • BoatBath (an anagram of Taboath): A waterfront city with a twist.
  • MaplePlace (an anagram of AppleMecca): Ideal for a city known for its orchards.
  • StarCharts (an anagram of TrashCarts): A city with an astronomical theme.
  • NoteCity (an anagram of EtonCity): A city known for its educational institutions.

Nostalgia Trip: Retro and Vintage Name Ideas

Bring in a touch of the past:

  • Retroville: A city with a classic vibe.
  • VintageValley: For a city that celebrates history.
  • YesterYearCity: A name that evokes nostalgia.
  • JukeboxJunction: A city that celebrates retro music.
  • SwingCity: Ideal for a city with a vintage dance culture.
  • VinylVillage: A city known for its love of classic records.

Crafting a Name: The Step-by-Step Process

  1. Identify the Theme: Decide the overarching theme of your city.
  2. Brainstorm Ideas: Write down all name ideas, no matter how silly.
  3. Consider Wordplay: Experiment with puns, anagrams, or rhymes.
  4. Get Feedback: Share your ideas with friends or the Cities Skylines community.
  5. Finalize Your Choice: Choose a name that resonates with you and fits your city’s personality.

Cities Skyline 2: List of Cool City Names Ideas

  1. Aurora Apex
  2. Blaze Borough
  3. Cyber Citadel
  4. Driftwood Domain
  5. Echo Empire
  6. Frostfront Forge
  7. Glimmer Grove
  8. Horizon Haven
  9. Ironclad Isles
  10. Jade Junction
  11. Kestrel Keep
  12. Lunar Landing
  13. Mystic Mesa
  14. Neon Nexus
  15. Obsidian Oasis
  16. Phantom Plaza
  17. Quantum Quarters
  18. Rift Ridge
  19. Solaris Summit
  20. Terra Towers
  21. Umbra Uplands
  22. Vortex Vale
  23. Wildwind Walls
  24. Xenith Xcross
  25. Yonder Yards
  26. Zenith Zone
  27. Arcane Archipelago
  28. Boreal Bay
  29. Crimson Cradle
  30. Dune Dynasty
  31. Eclipse Enclave
  32. Flare Fields
  33. Gravity Grounds
  34. Haven Hollow
  35. Infinity Isle
  36. Jewel Junction
  37. Kraken Keep
  38. Luminous Lagoon
  39. Mirage Metropolis
  40. Nebula Nook
  41. Oasis Outpost
  42. Polaris Point
  43. Quartz Quay
  44. Raven Ridge
  45. Stormshore Sanctuary
  46. Titan Terrace
  47. Utopia Unbound
  48. Venture Valley
  49. Whisperwind Ward
  50. Zephyr Zoning

Community Creations: Fan-Submitted Funny Names

Engage with the community for inspiration. Names like CloudNineCity or BloomBerg can spark your creativity.

The Impact of a Name: How Names Shape Perception in Cities Skylines 2

Understanding the Influence of a City’s Name

A city’s name in Cities Skylines 2 is more than just a label; it’s an embodiment of its identity and character. The naming process is a creative endeavor that sets the tone for the entire gaming experience. It’s the first impression a player has of their creation and often reflects their play style, humor, and personality.

The Psychological Aspect

Names carry psychological weight. They can evoke certain feelings, images, or expectations. For instance, a name like “Frostfall” immediately conjures images of a snowy, winter-themed city, while “Solaris” might suggest a city focused on sustainability and solar energy. Thus, the name you choose can subconsciously guide your design decisions and strategies as you develop your city.

Storytelling Through Names

City names can be a part of the storytelling aspect of the game. A well-chosen name can narrate a backstory or theme without a single word of description. For example, “Pirate’s Cove” could imply a history of seafarers and hidden treasures, influencing the city’s architecture and layout to reflect this nautical theme.

Cultural and Emotional Connection

Names can also create a cultural or emotional connection. They can be humorous, whimsical, serious, or even nostalgic, depending on the mood you want to set for your gaming experience. A name like “NostalgiaVille” might make you lean towards creating a city with a retro or vintage aesthetic, reflecting a sense of longing for the past.

Naming as a Reflection of Personal Interests

Your city name can also be a reflection of your personal interests or hobbies. For instance, if you’re a music enthusiast, naming your city “Harmony Hills” could inspire you to construct a city with music venues, opera houses, and street performers, turning it into a cultural hub for music lovers.

Impact on Community Engagement

In the online community of Cities Skylines players, a unique or clever city name can spark conversations, inspire others, and create a sense of community. Players often share screenshots or stories of their cities, and an intriguing name can make your city stand out in forums and discussions.

Influence on Game Mechanics

While the name doesn’t directly affect game mechanics, it can influence how you prioritize your city’s development. A name like “EcoHaven” might motivate you to focus more on environmental sustainability within your city planning, integrating green spaces, eco-friendly transportation, and renewable energy sources.

The Role of Humor and Creativity

Incorporating humor or creativity into your city’s name can make the gaming experience more enjoyable and personal. A name like “GiggleTown” or “WhoopeeWoods” can keep the gameplay light-hearted and fun, reminding you to enjoy the creative process.

FAQ: Funny City Names for Cities Skylines 2

Can I change my city’s name after I’ve started building it?

Yes, in Cities Skylines 2, you can change your city’s name at any point during the game. This allows you to adapt the name as your city evolves or as new inspirations strike.

How does the city name affect gameplay in Cities Skylines 2?

While the city name doesn’t directly impact gameplay mechanics, it adds personality and can influence your approach to city-building. A humorous or thematic name can enhance your enjoyment and creativity as you develop your city.

Are there any restrictions on city names in Cities Skylines 2?

Generally, you should avoid offensive or inappropriate names. It’s always good to stay within the bounds of good taste and community standards.

Can I use names of real cities for my city in the game?

Yes, you can use names of real cities, but adding a creative twist or a humorous element can make your city stand out and add a personal touch.

Do funny city names have an impact on the game’s community?

Funny and creative city names often spark interest and engagement within the Cities Skylines community. They can lead to lively discussions, sharing of screenshots, and even inspire others in their own city-building endeavors.

How can I come up with a funny city name?

Think about puns, wordplay, cultural references, or play on words related to city elements. Inspiration can come from various sources such as nature, history, pop culture, or your personal interests.


Whether you opt for a pun-filled name like BridgesOverTroubledWaters or a nostalgic nod with Retroville, the right funny city name can significantly enhance your Cities Skylines 2 experience. Embrace your creativity, have fun with the process, and let your city’s name be a reflection of your unique style and humor.