200+ Funny and Meme Name Ideas For Starfield

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Starfield has finally blasted off, offering gamers a new universe to explore, and what’s more exciting than leaving your mark on the stars? One way to do this is by giving your character a name that sticks. Trust me, naming isn’t just a trivial sidebar; it’s an art that can make or break your gaming experience.

Types of Funny Names

Now, not all funny names are created equal. There are various types, each with its own appeal and charm.

  1. Puns
  2. Pop culture references
  3. Ironic names

Punny Names

  1. “Sirius Lee Lost”
  2. “Anne Tenna”
  3. “Alien McPeekaboo”
  4. “CosmoNot”
  5. “Hugh Mann”

Ah, puns! The wordplay, the wit! These names make for quick laughs and are sure to get at least a smirk from anyone paying attention.

Pop Culture-Inspired Names

  1. “Chewiegotlost”
  2. “YodaOneForMe”
  3. “Spocktaneous”
  4. “BuzzLightEar”
  5. “HobbitInSpace”

Nothing bonds people like a shared cultural reference. These names bring a slice of our favorite movies and shows into the Starfield universe.

Ironic Names

  1. “Captain Coward”
  2. “HeroicFailure”
  3. “MasterN00b”
  4. “SafetyFirst”
  5. “ImLostToo”

Ironic names make for a clever twist. They’re like the gaming equivalent of wearing a shirt that says “Genius” while failing spectacularly at something.

Funny Name Ideas For Starfield

More Funny Name Ideas For Starfield

Creating a username that’s both funny and suitable for a space-themed game like Starfield can be a fun exercise in creativity. Here are some ideas that could make your fellow players chuckle:

  1. Astrololgy
  2. ZeroGiggle
  3. SpaceCadetLol
  4. UranusJoker
  5. SpaceX_Funny
  6. ComedicComet
  7. QuasarQuips
  8. Laughernaut
  9. GigglesInOrbit
  10. CosmicGuffaw
  11. HilariousHubble
  12. WittyWormhole
  13. SputnikSnicker
  14. Martian_Mirth
  15. LunarLaughter
  16. PlutoIsAPlanetLOL
  17. NebulaNinjaHaHa
  18. ElonMusketeer
  19. SpacedOutSnark
  20. ExtraterrestrialTeeHee
  21. SolarFlareSnare
  22. BlackHoleBellyLaugh
  23. SnappySaturn
  24. VenusVentriloquist
  25. MeteorShowerGiggler
  26. JovianJester
  27. Interstellar_Idiom
  28. GravityGags
  29. AndromedaAntics
  30. PulsarPuns
  31. ApolloLOL13
  32. SETI_orNotHereICome
  33. OortCloudOutLoud
  34. KeplerKeenJokes
  35. ISSsoFunny
  36. RocketRiffRaff
  37. SiriuslyHilarious
  38. GalacticGiggleBox
  39. AstroNutty
  40. MilkyWayMimic
  41. ExoPlanetExcuseMe
  42. CosmicComedian
  43. InfiniteInnuendo
  44. DwarfStarDroll
  45. LaughingLunatic
  46. EclipseEase
  47. AlphaCentauriChuckles
  48. QuarkyQueen
  49. ZanyZenith
  50. ProximaPunchline

List of Meme Names

Meme-inspired usernames can be a fun way to combine humor and pop culture references with the theme of the game. Here are some Starfield-specific, meme-based username ideas:

  1. OneSmallStepForMemes
  2. AstroDoge
  3. SpaceY_U_Mad
  4. ThatsNoMoon_ItsAMeme
  5. ShrekInSpace
  6. GalaxyBrainMeme
  7. StonksInOrbit
  8. Area51Escapee
  9. SpaceX_GonnaGiveItToYa
  10. ToTheMoon_GME
  11. 2Orbit4U
  12. GitGud_Galaxy
  13. NoUranus_U
  14. WhySoSirius
  15. InfiniteRickroll
  16. SpockAndRoll
  17. PlutOMG
  18. ThisIsTheWay_Mars
  19. AmongUs_Astronaut
  20. CantTouchThis_Meteor
  21. LeeroyJenkinsInSpace
  22. Over9000Parsecs
  23. Star_WarsKid
  24. TikTokTimetraveler
  25. BabyYodaRocket
  26. NotTodayGalacticReaper
  27. ImGonnaWreckIt_Rocket
  28. AllYourBase_AreBelongToUs
  29. FalconPUNCH
  30. WheresTheLambSauce_Nova
  31. BigChungusCosmos
  32. CatchMeIfYouPlanet
  33. NeverGonnaGiveYouSpace
  34. WhatIfIToldYou_Orion
  35. GalaxyNotHot
  36. DoUEvenLiftBro_Saturn
  37. TheySeeMeOrbiting
  38. Spacelord_Keemstar
  39. SaltBae_InSpace
  40. DistractedAstronaut
  41. BadLuckBrian_GoesToMars
  42. TeaLizard_InSpace
  43. YeetTheMeteor
  44. IsThisAPigeon_Asteroid
  45. Ermahgerd_Aliens
  46. TheCakeIsALie_Satellite
  47. FidgetSpinner_Galaxy
  48. MeGusta_MilkyWay
  49. InSovietRussia_OrbitYou
  50. FirstWorldSpaceProblems
Cool Name Ideas For Starfield

List of Cool Names

Creating a cool username for a space-themed game like Starfield can enhance your gaming experience and help you stand out. Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

  1. CosmicVoyager
  2. QuantumPilot
  3. NebulaNinja
  4. GalacticGladiator
  5. AstroAviator
  6. DarkMatterDrifter
  7. StarStriker
  8. ExoExplorer
  9. OrionOps
  10. EventHorizonHero
  11. PulsarPhantom
  12. SolarSorcerer
  13. SpaceTimeSlinger
  14. WormholeWarrior
  15. MoonMarauder
  16. EclipseEliminator
  17. NovaNomad
  18. StellarStealth
  19. CosmicCorsair
  20. InterstellarIntel
  21. VoidVanguard
  22. MeteorMystic
  23. QuasarQuester
  24. BlackHoleBlade
  25. GalaxyGuerilla
  26. CosmicCrusader
  27. LightSpeedLegend
  28. SatelliteSniper
  29. CelestialCipher
  30. AstroAssassin
  31. RedDwarfRebel
  32. XenobotXplorer
  33. AndromedaAlpha
  34. VortexVigilante
  35. QuantumQuake
  36. SupernovaScout
  37. SpaceSpartan
  38. CometCommando
  39. NebulaNomad
  40. DarkMatterMarauder
  41. CygnusCyborg
  42. MilkyWayMaverick
  43. SolarisSamurai
  44. TerraTitan
  45. OortOutlaw
  46. QuasarQrew
  47. AuroraArcher
  48. StarshipSnare
  49. GravityGunslinger
  50. PlasmaPirate

Class-specific name ideas for Starfield

Explorer Class

  1. LostInSpace_Larry
  2. DoraTheSpaceExplorer
  3. Marco_SpacePolo
  4. NoMapsNeeded_HaHa
  5. WrongTurnAtMars

Engineer Class

  1. NutsNBolts_Ned
  2. WrenchWarrior
  3. ScrewLooseSteve
  4. RocketRatchet
  5. Sparky_Spaceship

Scientist Class

  1. EinsteinEnvy
  2. LabCoatLolz
  3. TestTubeTommy
  4. BigBrainInOrbit
  5. SchrodingersCatHerder

Trader Class

  1. GalacticGarageSale
  2. AstroArbitrage
  3. BlackMarketBuzz
  4. WallStreetInSpace
  5. SpaceXchangeRate

Pilot Class

  1. WingmanWannabe
  2. CrashTestDumby
  3. MaverickMisses
  4. RedBaron_RedPlanet
  5. AutopilotAnnie

Medic Class

  1. HypoSprayHarry
  2. PlaceboPete
  3. AstroAspirin
  4. BandAidBandit
  5. VaccinateMePluto

Combat Specialist Class

  1. PewPewPluto
  2. LazerfaceLarry
  3. TacticalTickler
  4. TriggerHappyTriton
  5. KaboomKapella

Diplomat Class

  1. TalkingNotShooting
  2. PaperworkPete
  3. VetoVoyager
  4. AmbassadorAmuse
  5. TreatyMcTreatFace

Hacker Class

  1. FireWallFred
  2. CtrlAltDefeat
  3. RootAccessRandy
  4. EncryptMeElmo
  5. Spacebar_Spammer

Survivalist Class

  1. BearGrylls_Galaxy
  2. RationsForLaughs
  3. LastManOnVenus
  4. StarvationStation
  5. SipsTeaInSpace

Having a funny name for Starfield matters

  1. Social Icebreaker: A funny name can be an easy conversation starter and help you connect with other players.
  2. Memorability: Unique and entertaining names are often easier to remember, making it more likely that people you meet in-game will remember you for future sessions.
  3. Entertainment: A clever name adds another layer of enjoyment to the game—not just for you, but for other players who encounter you.
  4. Community Building: A fun or quirky name can quickly make you a memorable character within the gaming community, increasing the likelihood that you’ll form friendships or alliances.
  5. Personal Branding: A memorable username can become part of your online identity if you stream or share your gameplay online.
  6. Sets the Tone: A humorous name can help set a lighthearted tone for interactions, which can be especially nice in a game that might otherwise be intense or serious.
  7. Emotional Impact: In a challenging or competitive environment, a funny name can lighten the mood and make setbacks feel less frustrating.
  8. Role-playing Aspect: Starfield, being a space exploration game, has elements of role-playing. A funny name can add depth to your in-game character’s persona, making the role-playing experience more entertaining.
  9. Standing Out: In a sea of generic or repetitive names, a funny or unique name makes you stand out, adding a personal touch to your game avatar.
  10. Simply for the Fun of It: Sometimes the process of coming up with a creative name can be enjoyable in itself!

So while having a funny name isn’t necessary for enjoying Starfield, it can enhance your experience and the experiences of those you interact with.

The Dos and Don’ts

When choosing a funny name, ensure it’s appropriate and easily understood. Confusing or offensive names can spoil the fun for everyone.

The Process of Choosing a Name

  1. Brainstorming: List down as many names as you can think of.
  2. Consultation: Run your favorites by friends or online communities.
  3. Decision making: Pick the one that resonates the most.

Why Individuality Matters

Your character’s name is your first impression in the virtual world. A unique name will make you memorable and set the tone for your in-game adventures.

The Social Aspect

Sharing your funny name with friends and online communities can make you a mini-celebrity in your own gaming universe. After all, who wouldn’t remember someone named “AstroMcAstroface”?

Your Own Spin

Once you’ve picked a name, why not take it further? Customize your character to fit the name and amplify the humor.

Where to Find Inspiration

Movies, comics, and real life are goldmines for name inspiration. Keep an ear out; you never know when you’ll find the perfect name.


Funny names in Starfield aren’t just for laughs; they add a layer of enjoyment and uniqueness to your gameplay. They make you memorable, offer social talking points, and provide a source of ongoing amusement. So go ahead, be a “Sirius Lee Lost” in a galaxy full of “John Does.”


Can I change my Starfield name later?

Usually, yes, but it depends on the game’s settings.

Is it okay to use real names?

Yes, but adding a twist makes it more interesting.

Do funny names affect gameplay?

Not mechanically, but they can influence your social interactions in the game.

Where can I find more name ideas?

Online forums, friends, and even this article can offer inspiration.